We mostly design, build and develop websites, look at our packages on the products page. This process involves a lot of facets and some parts are standard in our packages. Looking for something specific? The following are our additional packages on offer.

Content Management System

As an additional package, we can take your website from static to dynamic using a content management system (CMS) designed for your website. We understand you may want complete control of the content of your website, but wouldn't want to affect its layout. If you are competent in word processors, like MS Word, then we can make a CMS allowing you to take the reins. You can count on us to maintain your website with regular updates and you can be a content manager using our user-friendly CMS.

We offer this as a service whether we are your developers or you already have a website. The concept is to empower you to have full control over the content and minimise the time of uploading media and updating your website. Depending on your appreciation and knowledge of CMS systems or preference, you can have training days, access to online seminars, face-to-face/telephone/email consultations and a personal operation manual. The type of content on your website will appeal to its audience and we will work with you to ensure they are in the correct format without it affecting your SEO score or data security.

Media Design

Our team is connected together in terms of the media design of websites where we make sure the fonts, layout, images and video content always reflects our initial design consultation. We contextualise your website within minutes from the first consultation, usually done face to face at your or our site. Our mission is to continue delivering the image you want with regular updates and meetings, which we assign a website consultant to discuss your wants and needs for the present and future. The consultation has been designed to fit into your time schedule and we will arrange a suitable time and place where we endeavour to get your website on paper within hours. If needs be, the website consultant will even start and finish the website on the day. However, we appreciate that you will want to show everyone what the website looks like and tell us how to update and modify its look and feel.

We are adept in modern and update design concepts for fluid media and we are competent at building using the latest programming scripting languages including jQuery, CSS3, PHP and HTML5. We build your website to the current standards with cutting edge design, so your website will look good not just on a computer, but also on tablets and mobile devices. We carry out stringent tests to make sure your website works across all platforms including computers dating back to the start of the millennium.

Search Engine Optimisation and Search Engine Management

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) has high recognition in the website development industry to take your website from grade zero to grade A. Often the SEO expert applies changes to an existing website, which can lead to unwanted changes based on the SEO expert not being part of the design process. That is why at Huwess, our business model encapsulates all parts of your website from the get-go. So, despite the chronological order going from design to architecture to develop we are integrating all parts from the initial stage.

Gaining top ranks on search engines, especially mainstream providers such as Google, Bing and Yahoo requires working with their guidelines and integrating content and links to ensure the right type of content is being read by their robots. Each part of our team understand the importance of SEO, but equally we know that you might have a preference to your website’s look and feel; so you have to decide. After consultation with our developer, we will take the necessary steps to add and modify content to get your website listed and recognised. Our team will confirm with you three words that your website will be highly associated with when a search query is processed.

Hosting and Security

The ability of a website to process banking transactions and take payments means your online business will generate revenue. The security of the payment is directly related to your reputation and your clients will expect no quibble transactions. So, no matter how you process payments, using SSL and https is a bare minimum of transactions. Using a reliable and well-known payment system is what we offer and we give free consultation on security risks and flaws.

Security of website traffic means using dedicated servers, offering an independent space for your website that avoids conflicts. This secures the chance of your data being affected by an attack on another website. So if you need that added security and isolation then ask us to provide a virtual private network, server or gateway to your dedicated hosting space. It is our priority to advise, offer and setup any security measures you deem necessary as security is at our uppermost level.