About Us

Hulled Web Solutions, also abbreviated to Huwess Limited, was forged from three Hulls creating what is now known as Huwess. We continue to grow in our potential to deliver web solutions, providing the complete package. We include website design, architecture and development as standard and provide aftersales service with regular updates. We started developing websites for charities with an emphasis on security while maintaining a design to meet their vision and outlook of the company and functionality by installing a content management system (CMS).
The company comprises of three experts in their individual fields:

  1. the designer, who frames the look and feel of your website within hours of a face-to-face meeting, ensures your website is unique and details all your requirements to the team;
  2. the architect, who builds the website to match that of the designer as well as integrate dynamic parts of the website such as a carousel, dropdown menu and responsive design for mobile devices;
  3. the developer, who takes your website live and roots it into mainstream search engines, modifies the website for search engine optimisation and builds a custom CMS;

Depending on your preference, the role each one of the expert undertakes will have a greater amount of influence over the feel of your website.
We aim to work with you along the way to get what you need quickly and with minimal effort on your side. There is an expectation from both sides; you want us to draw, build and host your website, whereas we want you to give us the textual content, images and feedback. If you have a website you would like to develop or need to start from scratch, we will offer you the best service for your needs. Most of all remember that we are here to help your organization, business or project flourish and want to make sure you are satisfied.